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  • Pick up/drop off from designated spots around Chania with an air-conditioned luxury bus
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Visit to Preveli Palm Beach
  • Visit to the village of Plakias
  • Photoshooting stop at Kourtaliotis Gorge
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

Not included:

  • Boat tickets to Preveli (12 per adult, 6 per child)
  • Personal expenses, extra beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

In the morning, we will pick you up from select spots around Chania with an air-conditioned luxurious bus and head towards our tropical destination. We will pass through Rethymno, making our way to Damnoni beach, where you will board the boat to Preveli.

One of the most famous beaches in Crete, Preveli has been a famous attraction since the 60s, when it served as a haven for the Bohemian youth of the era. It is located at the exit of the Great River, whose banks are lined with palm beach trees thus giving the beach a distinct look for the Mediterranean. Because the river flows through the Kourtaliotis gorge, it forms a small lake, before emptying into the sea, which has earned the beach the nickname of Lake Preveli. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon, or even take a swim in the cold ponds formed in the gorge. Be sure to check out the heart-shaped rock formation on the east side!

After spending plenty of time in Preveli, we will proceed to the village of Plakias, where you will have time to explore, pick up some souvenirs or grab a quick bite and sample the delightful Cretan cuisine which combines Mediterranean ingredients and Oriental spices.

On our way back, we will stop at Kourtaliotis gorge to take pictures. The gorge is an important biotope, since rare species of birds of prey live in the caves formed on its slopes. After you have taken enough shots to make even your most well-traveled friends jealous, we will hop back on the bus and return to your drop off points around Chania.

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium, the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum in this private half day Ancient Athens tour.

  • Pick up – Drop Off from your Athens city center hotel with luxury mini Van
  • Licensed English speaking tour guide
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive


Not included:

  • Entrance fees (Acropolis & National Archaeological museum)
  • Personal expenses, beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts

Your tour starts at the National Archaeological Museum, the largest museum in Greece and one of the world's most prominent. Its abundant collections, with more than 20,000 exhibits, provide a panorama of the Greek civilization from the beginnings of Prehistory to Late Antiquity. Continue with a drive through the city center and visit the marble wonder of the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games were held back in 1896. What better way to conclude your half day tour of the capital than with a visit to the Acropolis? Witness history come alive and discover the secrets of the ancient world.

Experience the traditional side of Crete and see the National Park of Samaria in a tour for the whole family!

  • Pick up/drop off from a designated spot in Chania with an air-conditioned luxury bus
  • English speaking hiking escort
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

Not included:

  • Admission to Samaria (5 € per adult, children free of charge) (optional)
  • Round trip boat ticket (18 € per adult, 11 € per child 5-12 years old)
  • Personal expenses, extra beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

There is no better way to experience the real side of Crete, than to set foot on the island's unspoiled soil, swim in its crystal waters and stroll down its traditional villages. This family friendly tour of the Samaria Gorge and surrounding villages will give you the opportunity to do all three.

A National Park and World's Biosphere Reserve, the Samaria Gorge is a scar on the spine of Crete, but one so uniquely beautiful that you wish it never goes away. Extending 13 km long (8 miles), the ravine is home to several endemic species, with the most prominent being the goat Kri-kri, which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Early in the morning, you will be picked up from designated spots around Chania via a luxurious bus and reach the starting point of your tour in Omalos Plateau around 7am. The panoramic view of the gorge from the plateau is a photophile's delight, so after short stop for pictures and/or breakfast, you will hop on the bus and depart for the traditional village of Sougia. It is there that you will hop on a boat and sail along the coast of Crete till you reach Agia Roumeli.

With ample time on your hands, you can start a short hike inside the gorge up until the Iron Gates, the narrowest part of the canyon, at only 4 meters (13 feet) width. Alternatively, at the beach at the end of the gorge, you can take a swim in the warm Libyan Sea and even enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch!

At around 16:30 you will meet again with the rest of your group as well as your hiking escort returning from the hike of the gorge and board the boat back to the village of Sougia, where you will start your trip back to the place where you were picked up from.

Immerse yourself in the natirual beauty of West Crete with a visit to the pirate island of Gramvousa and the Balos lagoon!

  • Pick up/Drop off with air-conditioned luxury bus from select spots in Chania
  • Visit to Gramvousa
  • Visit to Balos
  • Boat tickets to Gramvousa and Balos
  • Pre-recorded guiding on board

Not included:

  • Municipality fee (1 euro for adults, free for children)
  • Personal expenses, extra beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

After we pick you up from various locations around Chania we will drive through West Crete until we reach the Kissamos port. From there we will sail to the port on Gramvousa, passing by the huge cave believed to be the ancient shipyard of Tarsanas. At the end of the Gulf you will notice an impressive geological phenomenon cause by catastrophic earthquakes that took place more than 2000 years ago. 

After approximately 1 hour, the boat arrives at the port of Gramvousa. On top of a steep rock on the highest point of the island, lays the Venetian castle built during the late 16th century. Surrounded by a wall that still stands today, it has a rough triangular shape and is rumored to house hidden pirate treasures from the previous centuries. It is well worth the 10 minutes hike it takes to get there.

You will have plenty of time to explore the island and swim in its coast before we board the boat that will take us to the Balos lagoon. Fantastic azure waters fill the lagoon creating an rare amalgamation of serenity and ild natural beauty. Make sure to have a camera with you and take photos that will make even your most well-traveled friends jealous!

At around 16:30 we will board the boat back to the port of Kissamos and eventually return by bus to the designated spots you were picked up from.

Visit the Modern Agora of Athens where you will get a taste of history as well as local snacks and coffee before enjoying a delicious meal in a traditional Greek deli.


  • 4-hour walking tour of Athens
  • English speaking Professional Tour Guide
  • Taste a selection of Greek specialties including koulouria (sesame bread rings) and Loukoumia 
  • ‘Tsipouro’ and local delicacies in a traditional greek Deli
  • Explore Varvakios Agora and learn about the city’s culinary history
  • Try a traditionally brewed Greek coffee
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

 Not included

  • Entrance Fees
  • Personal expenses, beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts

This tour will give you the opportunity to visit the Ancient Agora of Athens which is the largely green area in between Monastiraki and the Acropolis, as well as discover the secrets of Greek gastronomic tradition. After your pick-up from your hotel, you will be guided to Monastiraki Square, an imperative stop in any tour of Athens. Home to ancient rivers, massive libraries, thousand-year-old churches and mosques, Monastiraki square is arguably a place of wonder. Crossing the square, you will find yourselves in the shadow of Acropolis and closer to the Ancient Agora of Athens (also known as the Athenian Forum), which during antiquity was unmistakably the heart of the city and birthplace of democracy. The Agora was the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity as well as the religious and cultural center and seat of justice. Nowadays it is one of the most important archeological sites in the city of Athens. You will not only get to see the Temple of Hephaestus, one of the most well-preserved classic temples, but you will also step in a Stoa (portico) that houses the findings of the site today. Reconstructed back in the 50s, this Stoa is one of the most fascinating buildings-museums in the capital!

Continuing your exploration, you will cross Athinas street to reach the Athens Central Market, known as Varvakios Agora. To locals, this is the Grand Central Station of food, where people from all walks of life converge to discover the freshest and most delicious ways to satiate their hunger. Before you reach the market, a short stop to taste kouloúria (sesame bread rings) is in order. Make no mistake; everyone shops in Varvakios, from celebrity chefs to neighborhood grocery store owners. Named after one of Greece’s national heroes, philanthropist and gentleman Ioannis Varvakis, it is a tribute to the everyman, as the Athens Central Market, knows no class divides. Wandering around the meat and fish markets you will discover the riches of the Greek seas, buy locally grown fruits and vegetables and finally l try traditionally-brewed Greek coffee. Further down on Evripidou Street, you will relax at the well-known ‘Miran’ charcuterie, to taste some ‘tsipouro’ or ‘ouzo’ with pastrami, delicious sausages and smoked pork from the north or the south of Greece. The tour will conclude at around 13:00, when we will start heading towards your hotel.