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Enjoy a one day cruise of Souda, Marathi and the surrounding areas!

  • Visit to Almyrida
  • Visit to Marathi beach
  • Visit to the cave of Cape Drapano (weather permitting)
  • 2 swim stops
  • Pick-up/Drop-Off with air-conditioned luxury bus from select spots around Chania
  • Pre-Recorded guiding on board
  • Welcome drink on board
  • All taxes

Not Included:

  • Personal expenses, extra beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

After we pick you up from select spots around Chania, you will reach the Marine Sports Center of Souda. The vessel will depart from there and proceed to the historic Graveyard of Souda, a monument from the 1st World War in memory of those who helped free Crete from invaders. Afterwards, we will exit the Gulf passing by the Venetian fortress of Souda, sitting on an islet outside the harbor. Onto the open sea where you will marvel at the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean accompanied by a complimentary drink!

After a while, we will drop anchor at Almyrida beach, where you will have time to enjoy a morning swim in the refreshing waters of the area. Invigorated by the swim, you will hop back on the vessel as it heads to the caves of Cape Drepano, which the waves have sculpted magnificently, giving the cape a unique look. The caves' size allows the ship to enter inside them so perhaps it's a good idea to have a camera with you.

Our final stop is a long one and it is on the beach at Marathi. You will have ample time to sunbathe on the beautiful sandy beach, swim in the area's warm waters and have a traditional Cretan lunch. Alternatively, you can visit the archaeological site of ancient Minoa, which contains the remains of a settlement occupied from the Bronze Age.

Around 15:00 we will depart for Souda and on the way back, the vessel will pass extremely close to the islet of Souda where you can take pictures and learn about the fortress' history.



Souda is the most important ferry and naval port of Chania. It is one of the
deepest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. The bay is overlooked on
both sides by hills, with a relatively low and narrow isthmus in the west
near Chania. Near the mouth of Souda bay, between the Akrotiri Peninsula
and the town of Kalives, there is a group of small islands with Venetian
fortifications which were built in the 15th century. The island of Souda is not
only famous for the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” that was
filmed on it but also for its history as it was the last place that remained
free when Crete was invaded and also it was the first place where the Greek
Flag was raised after Crete unified with Greece.

Visit the Modern Agora of Athens where you will get a taste of history as well as local snacks and coffee before enjoying a delicious meal in a traditional Greek deli.


  • 4-hour walking tour of Athens
  • English speaking Professional Tour Guide
  • Taste a selection of Greek specialties including koulouria (sesame bread rings) and Loukoumia 
  • ‘Tsipouro’ and local delicacies in a traditional greek Deli
  • Explore Varvakios Agora and learn about the city’s culinary history
  • Try a traditionally brewed Greek coffee
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

 Not included

  • Entrance Fees
  • Personal expenses, beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts

This tour will give you the opportunity to visit the Ancient Agora of Athens which is the largely green area in between Monastiraki and the Acropolis, as well as discover the secrets of Greek gastronomic tradition. After your pick-up from your hotel, you will be guided to Monastiraki Square, an imperative stop in any tour of Athens. Home to ancient rivers, massive libraries, thousand-year-old churches and mosques, Monastiraki square is arguably a place of wonder. Crossing the square, you will find yourselves in the shadow of Acropolis and closer to the Ancient Agora of Athens (also known as the Athenian Forum), which during antiquity was unmistakably the heart of the city and birthplace of democracy. The Agora was the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity as well as the religious and cultural center and seat of justice. Nowadays it is one of the most important archeological sites in the city of Athens. You will not only get to see the Temple of Hephaestus, one of the most well-preserved classic temples, but you will also step in a Stoa (portico) that houses the findings of the site today. Reconstructed back in the 50s, this Stoa is one of the most fascinating buildings-museums in the capital!

Continuing your exploration, you will cross Athinas street to reach the Athens Central Market, known as Varvakios Agora. To locals, this is the Grand Central Station of food, where people from all walks of life converge to discover the freshest and most delicious ways to satiate their hunger. Before you reach the market, a short stop to taste kouloúria (sesame bread rings) is in order. Make no mistake; everyone shops in Varvakios, from celebrity chefs to neighborhood grocery store owners. Named after one of Greece’s national heroes, philanthropist and gentleman Ioannis Varvakis, it is a tribute to the everyman, as the Athens Central Market, knows no class divides. Wandering around the meat and fish markets you will discover the riches of the Greek seas, buy locally grown fruits and vegetables and finally l try traditionally-brewed Greek coffee. Further down on Evripidou Street, you will relax at the well-known ‘Miran’ charcuterie, to taste some ‘tsipouro’ or ‘ouzo’ with pastrami, delicious sausages and smoked pork from the north or the south of Greece. The tour will conclude at around 13:00, when we will start heading towards your hotel.


Nature, food, wine, music and dance come together in an incredible Cretan evening!

  • Pick up/drop off from a designated spot in Chania with an air-conditioned luxury bus
  • Entrance fee to the Botanical Gardens
  • English speaking guide
  • Authentic tradional Cretan buffet dinner and wine
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

Not included:

  • Personal expenses
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

With nearly 20 acres of land full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants, the Botanical Park of Chania is sight to see for every nature lover. The land’s formation and the region’s microclimate create a unique combination that make the Gardens a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals to coexist! In the midst of this colorful and vivid landscape stands a burnt centennial olive tree, a memorial to the dismal fires of 2003.

After your pick up, the tour begins with a walk through the gardens as you familiarize yourself with a multitude of both endemic and imported species of flora and fauna. If you don't feel like walking, you can always stay back at the restaurant and have a drink while you marvel at the view from afar.

Dinner will be served at 19:00 and with it starts a culinary journey via a buffet comprising of authentic Cretan flavors. Socialize with the group as you sample tastes that combine Mediterranean ingredients and oriental spices and prepare yourself for what comes next! You will be given a quick introduction to traditional Cretan music, which has still been in existence in various forms since the days of the Byzantine Empire through a presentation of musical instruments. Dance and music go hand in hand so a demonstration of traditional dances such as syrtaki, sousta, maleviziotis, pentozali et al will be given by experiences local dancers. Feel free to join the dance and learn from the professionals who will be happy to show you at any time!

As the evening is winding down, we will depart from the gardens, hop on to the bus and return to the various drop off points around Chania!

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium, Acropolis and Syntagma Square before tasting some local delicacies in this half day Ancient Athens and food tour.


  • Pick up/Drop Off from your Athens city center hotel with luxury car (1-3 pax) or luxury mini van(4-7 pax)
  • Licensed English speaking tour guide
  • Car and driver
  • Greek delicacies and ouzo in a traditional deli of Athens
  • All taxes, VAT inclusive

Not included

  • Entrance fees (Acropolis)
  • Personal expenses, beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts
  • Pick up from hotels outside Athens center but in the area of Attica are available at an extra cost of 25 euro per person.

This tour will expose you to Athens in various ways, encompassing the ancient world to which the city is deeply rooted in. Your adventure begins as our licensed tour guide meets you in a luxury car. Acropolis, the cornerstone of Western civilization, will give you a first glance of ancient Greece, before you visit the Panathenaic Stadium, home to the first modern Olympic Games. As the journey continues, you will reach the beating heart of Athens in Constitution Square. Seeing the Presidential Guard (Evzoni) in traditional dress, protecting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a unique experience that will be engraved in your memory.

Time for a change of pace as you will trade the musket for the pen at the Academy of Athens, a testament to the beauty of neoclassical architecture. An integral part of the Athenian Trilogy (which also includes the National Library and the University of Athens), it is strongly connected to the Academy of Plato, the contemporary version was established in 1926.  

Sightseeing is always enriching, but now it’s time to satisfy your other senses. In Varvakios Agora, the Athenian Central Market, you will be offered the opportunity to buy local products, from vegetables, to fish and meat which are the three pillars of Mediterranean cuisine. Your last stop will be the famous restaurant “Miran” where ouzo and tsipouro flow constantly to accompany the delicious pastrami, sausages and smoked pork. Fulfilled in every sense, you will be transported back to your hotel, with your only regret being that this majestic experience can’t go on forever.


Take your friends and family in a private tour of the small island of Elafonisi, featuring one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe!

  • Pick up/Drop off with air-conditioned private mini-bus from Chania
  • Visit to the cave of Saint Sophia
  • Visit to Elafonisi
  • Visit to local village (subject to conditions)
  • English Speaking Guide

Not included:

  • Personal expenses, extra beverages or meals
  • Customary tips to your driver and escort

After we pick you up in the morning from your hotel in Chania in your private mini-bus, we will follow the green north coast just before Kastelli and finally reach the rock chapel of Agia Sophia through the village of Topolia. This small church is hidden in a dripstone cave, accessible by a small uphill climb. It dates back to the battles of the Cretans against the Venetians and Turks and was named after a religious icon found wedged
in a rock inside the cave. Magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and pillars cover the largest part of its surface. Neolithic shells and a previously unknown species of insect that
was named Spermophora Topolia were discovered inside the cave. After a short visit to this incredibly interesting site, we will proceed to the main attraction of the tour!

Elafonisi is located on the southwestern most point of Crete and is an oblong, which often seems to be divided into two parts by water, giving the impression of it being a separate island. The protected area of Elafonisi features magnificent natural formations with arguably the most beautiful being the pinkish sand which exists in many places, taking its color from thousands of broken sea shells and corals. The endangered turtles Caretta-Caretta and several rare animals nest on the island and it is strictly forbidden to remove any flora or fauna from the area. The exotic beach with its white and pink sand and turquoise waters is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Near the breaking point of the peninsula, the water does not exceed 1m (3 feet), creating a small lagoon, which can easily be crossed.

The eastern side of the beach, in front of the lagoon, is organized, having umbrellas, showers, lifeguards, snack bars and changing rooms. In Elafonisi, you will have plenty of time to explore the area, swim in the crystal clear waters and even grab a bite to eat! Depending on conditions we may have time to visit a local village as well, before hopping back on your private mini-bus that we will take us back to Chania!